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Desi girls Group


🌈rainbow pride...find your truth Group


desi videos 💋 Group


💓💓friendship for everything💓💓 Group


Alia ji Group


★ᏦᎥᏁᏳ༒JØ₭€℟★ Group


Love poetry Group


Girl college Group


depressed girls and guys Group


Alia Group


Friendship Group


Dil SE Friend BNO 😋😚😘 Group


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Join Friendship Whatsapp Group LINKS

Here is the list of all Groups to friendship with girls and boys. These groups are for only dosti purpose.

We also added some adult links, some dating links as well you can check out them.

We are excited to share a huge list of friendship groups where you can connect with your friends. Our WhatsApp Friendship groups contain links of different groups with different interests. Some of the categories are given below. For detailed insight please check the links given under the blog.

A WhatsApp Group of Work Pals

Remember those people with whom you connected because of your work? Is the bond between you and your work pals is only because of work? Well, not really!

Gradually, you have started to interact with your work pals for many other things. For instance, some of us love to go out with a work pal for a coffee and a talk about politics, current affairs, poetry, literature and what not!

So how about creating all a WhatsApp group for these work pals? You will always stay in touch with such friends.

A Polar Opposite Group of Friends

Do you know common beliefs, customs, and values are not necessary for friendship? Sometimes we become friends with someone despite having opposite personalities.

So it is okay not to constantly surround yourself with like-minded people. You have the liberty to come out from your comfort zone and befriend people who have opposite personalities as compared to yours.

For this exciting experience, you can join a friendship group from our Friendship WhatsApp Groups. We are sure to say that such interaction will help you to see the world from a different perspective. In this way, you will also learn to accept people with different opinions and interests.

A Fearless Adventurer Friend’s Group

As you know that we live in a big adventurous world. It has so many places to explore and full of interesting people that we can meet. But we need someone to accompany us on such exciting journeys. How about finding adventurous friends who love travelling and adventures as much as we do?

Isn’t it exciting and unreal? Well, it may sound unreal but it is not! You can turn your dream of travelling with friends true just by joining the right group of friends.

If you are tired of your work and feel trapped in your routine then please do join these friendship groups where you can find new adventurous friends. We are sure here you will someone who will pull you out of your shell. Your new friends will introduce us to new ideas, cultures and adventures.

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