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Islamic Whatsapp Groups

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Islamic Whatsapp Groups

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Islamic Whatsapp Groups


Islamic Whatsapp Groups

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Islamic Whatsapp Groups

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Islamic Whatsapp Groups

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Islamic Whatsapp Groups

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Islamic Whatsapp Groups

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In the past, it was a difficult part to get knowledge especially if we talk about Islamic studies, but nowadays we can see that there are different websites connecting people on the same platform. Such as WhatsApp, different groups of Islamic studies are made on WhatsApp for spreading knowledge (ILM) to the people. It is the fastest way to convey anything and any information to people.

On WhatsApp, different groups are serving in different domains of Islamic studies and offering different courses or classes conducted on WhatsApp. Such as if we want to learn (hifz) the Quran so there is a separate link for it. If we want to study the Tafseer of the Quran so there is another group for that.

So there are many different group links for Islamic studies over WhatsApp. There are many different benefits of these online links such as we know the people who can’t go out because of any reason, people who are busy and don’t get enough time by the whole day and the people who are that much old so they can easily learn whatever they want to learn and know regarding to Islam.

Suni Shiya Naats Nasheed Islamic Groups for Whatsapp

Now, these WhatsApp links are led by the known Allimah and Muftis containing the best knowledge about Islam. Online tests and audiovideo classes are conducted over these WhatsApp groups.

These Islamic WhatsApp group links can be found online very easily. There are thousands of different links of WhatsApp on different websites which can be joined very easily. Different Islamic websites run their Islamic WhatsApp groups and their links are highlighted on the main page of their sites.

Some of the most trending and known links for Islamic WhatsApp groups are given above.

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