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Kerala Whatsapp Group Links

Hello Kerala boys and girls, join these groups to chat togather. We have listed all your city groups only. Go ahead join the GROUPS!! Play kerala lottery guessing whatsapp group numbers and win the high prizes.

Undoubtedly, Kerala has a culture and heritage that is very historical and interesting. From their martial arts to dresses, from their cuisine to language, everything is unique and fascinating.

So if you are living in Kerala or visiting it anytime soon, make sure you do not miss a cultural art performance.

For your convenience, we have compiled Kerala WhatsApp groups. These groups are active and full of native people who love to talk about their land, language and literature. Through these groups, you will get to know as a visitor which art performances you can enjoy in Kerala.

Moreover, these groups are of great help if you want to buy or sell anything in Kerala. We are pretty confident to say that through these groups you will be connected to potential buyers and sellers. In no time you will carry out your business without any inconvenience.

Besides this, if you are new in Kerala and want to learn the native language of this state, make sure to join Kerala WhatsApp groups. You will also make a lot of good friends with the help of these WhatsApp groups.

 How to Exit a Kerala WhatsApp Group?

Although our collection includes a link on active and relevant groups only. But if you join a group and find out it is not helping you in any way, you are recommended to leave the group. To leave the group, follow the below-given steps;

  1. Open the group chat that you want to exit now click on the group subject.
  2. You can also go for group exit by swiping group to the left-hand in the chats and tapping on the option that says “more”
  3. Now click on the option, “Exit Group” 
  4.  That’s all!

Rules for Kerala WhatsApp Group

Every group has certain rules and you have to follow them no matter what. Some of the important rules are given under;

Foul language isn’t allowed. If someone within the group bothers you, you are instructed to contact the group admins as soon as possible.

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